You are a bride to be and you are looking for the best makeup artist in the game. Well let’s talk a little bit about how things go with Simonet Makeup.


My brides are inspired by current trends yet they value a clean and timeless look. Their goal is to look flawless in photos, and in person; a beautifully enhanced version of themselves.


My goal is not to paint your face and collect a check. My goal is to make your bridal glam experience an enjoyable and peaceful one from start to finish. You are literal queen for a day and my goal is to make sure you feel that way! 


Before we ever meet for your trial run (if we do one), we chat about your wedding day vision. This allows us to get on the same page as to what you want your makeup (and maybe hair) to look like. Once I finally get to meet you, we will chat and get to know each other (I love hearing your love and proposal stories!) while you sit back and relax as I fine tune the wedding day makeup look of your dreams. I invite you to have ready a photo of your dress and veil, any special jewelry pieces as well as makeup and hair inspiration photos. This allows me to envision the complete look and gets my creative mojo flowing.


If we can’t do an in person bridal trial, we are still going to meet virtually! I make it my mission to develop a relationship with my brides prior to the wedding day so they feel at ease and like they are getting their makeup done by a friend. We will chat some via Zoom or FaceTime, get to know each other, exchange ideas and exchange pictures via email so we are both on the same page! 


Once we’ve finalized your perfect look, we collaborate on the look for your bridal party. It’s very important that everyone in your bridal party (including the Moms!) looks cohesive and photo ready. Their look should be soft and subtly complimentary to yours. We will decide on a color palette for the bridal party and customize their looks to harmonize with their unique skin tones.


I make sure to create an easy to understand timeline for your makeup/hair services for your wedding day so you don’t have to do any of the guesswork. If I am bringing another artist, I will make sure they are squared away, know what the looks are, know where to be and at what time. Organization is huge for me! I like knowing exactly the who, what, when, where and how of a situation so that I operate like a well oiled machine. Not to mention, you will at ease knowing I got your back!


Finally, it’s the big day! I’ll arrive on location to set up with a comfortable makeup chair,  professional lighting and a clean and organized kit. I’ll start with the first person on your timeline and work my way up to you (the Bride usually goes last or second to last so your makeup is extra fresh). This day is all about you, so whether you want your morning to be super zen and chill or filled with music and mimosas, I’m here for it and I’m here for you!