Have you ever wanted to learn how to apply makeup on yourself or others? Simonet offers self-makeup and professional makeup classes. You can coordinate a one on one makeup class or even a fun group session.



  • EVERYDAY: working woman or not, if you have no idea how to apply makeup and want to ease yourself in with the basics, this class has your name all over it. 

  • AREA FOCUSED: perfect for the woman that wants to focus on one area of the face such as eyes only or the perfect complexion. 

  • FULL GLAM: if you want to lean how to give yourself a picture perfect glam like a makeup artist would, this is the perfect class for you.


Group makeup classes available upon request or upon artist’s scheduling (check social media for pre scheduled classes!)



  • BRIDAL COURSE: learn and/or polish your bridal makeup skills. Learn all of my tips and tricks for makeup that will last all day, look good in pictures and be timeless for brides.


  • FREELANCE COURSE (1-5 class curriculum available): Learn new techniques or simply refresh your professional makeup techniques and skills. Curriculums will be personalized for YOUR needs.



Would you like to go shopping with an expert and know exactly what to buy? Simonet offers personalized beauty consulting services. Simonet will go shopping with you and help you build your personal or professional makeup kit so you have everything you need for a flawless makeup and skin care routine.


**Please inquire about pricing and availability**

Simonet Makeup is a beauty brand focused on providing beauty services. content, education, and resources for women to grow in on all things beautiful and creative.

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